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Dot Finance Flash Loan Attack – Aug 25, 2021 – Detailed Analysis

by ImmuneBytes

On Aug 25, 2021, Defi protocol Dot Finance was exploited for ~$429K in a lightning loan attack which reduced the protocol’s value by 35 %. The attackers utilized flash loans to manipulate the token prices.

Attack Overview

Dot Finance, operating on the BSC, fell victim to a flash loan attack on August 25th. The attack resulted in a nearly 35% reduction in the protocol’s value.

The attack was executed through a series of transactions involving specific addresses and contracts, and its impact on the platform’s security and financial health is a cause for concern. The attacker gained about ~$429K from this incident.

Hacker’s Actions and Exploited Vulnerability

The hacker’s address involved in the attack is

The attack was orchestrated using a contract address
0x33f9bB37d60Fa6424230e6Cf11b2d47Db424C879 which the attacker created.

Attack Transaction:

Attack Analysis

The attack involved a sequence of functions and transactions:

  • The attacker initiated the attack by utilizing the PancakePair swap function.
dot finance flash loan attack - Aug 25, 2021
  • The attacker leveraged a flash loan from PancakeSwap, acquiring 100 Cake tokens as initial funds.
  • The Cake tokens were inserted into the VaultPinkBNB contract, enabling the execution of the getReward function.
  • The getReward function utilized the balanceOf(address(this)) method to determine the contract’s Cake token balance.
  • Through this balance, the attacker manipulated the performanceFee parameter, significantly impacting the actual value of Cake tokens
  • Subsequently, the mintFor function exploited the altered performanceFee parameter to generate a substantial amount of pink tokens, effectively rewarding the attacker.
  • The Attacker then deposited the stolen amount to Tornado.cash via multiple transactions.

Implications and Lessons Learned

This attack bears resemblance to previous incidents targeting PancakeBunny, and Cream Finance reflects a pattern of similar attacks.

The increasing frequency of such attacks on the BSC chain and other chains underscores the urgency of bolstering smart contract security measures.

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The flash loan attack on Dot Finance highlights the vulnerability of DeFi protocols to sophisticated exploitation techniques.

The attack’s impact on Dot Finance’s value and security prompts a call for heightened security measures within the BSC ecosystem.

The incident serves as a reminder of the ever-present risks associated with DeFi platforms and the pressing need for proactive security strategies to safeguard user funds and platform integrity.

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