Smart Contract Audit Services

Nip all smart contract vulnerabilities in the bud by getting it audited through a team of experienced auditors and prevent exploits and hacks.

smart contract audit services

Some of the A-League Clients We Audited

We have audited some of the prominent projects in the web3 space.Our team of expert smart contract auditors ensured that all these projects were free from vulnerabilities of all severity levels


Blockchain Platforms That We Audit

ImmuneBytes professionals are well-versed in various blockchain platforms and frameworks like Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Algorand, Avalanche, and more!

Migrate Your Smart Contract From Testnet To Mainnet,
But Without Vulnerabilities.

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Audit Process

Our skilled team of auditors follow a methodological approach, custom to the type of smart contract. Following are the steps that a smart contract audit undergoes:

immunebytes smart contract audit process

Why Choose Us?

At ImmuneBytes, we host a team of professional blockchain security experts who have been in this industry for a long time. We have gradually evolved as one of the leading token smart contract audit companies in these years. With our robust smart contract audit services, we add a layer of security to your blockchain projects. These are the highlights because of which people rely on us.

Extensive Audit Report

Our auditors diligently prepare comprehensive audit reports that help you understand all the security flaws in the contracts, along with the help of our recommendations on how to fix them.

Check For 100+ Vulnerabilities

There can be 100+ types of vulnerabilities in a smart contract. Worry not; we check and eliminate these flaws. We will detect them for you and recommend how you can fix them.

Smart Contract Fuzzing

Our experts employ smart contract fuzzing, an automatic bug-detection process. It stresses the app and causes unexpected code behaviour, helping to identify vulnerabilities.

Post Refactor Reaudits

A code demands to be updated and hence re-audited. Rest assured, we provide our clients with free re-audits in the future, as and when required.

Security Test Cases

A detailed PoC for severity issues detected during the audit process will be provided along with test cases for clients to reverify the auditor's recommendations.

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand your time is precious. Our team promptly completes an audit with the bare minimum required.

Proofed By ImmuneBytes

With the stamp, 'Secured By ImmuneBytes', earn the trust of your audience and recognition from major Web3 players.

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The world of Smart Contract Audits is enormous. And so are the questions associated with them. Here, we list the top 7 most frequently asked questions on Smart Contracts.

Smart contracts make it possible to carry out transactions between parties without any middleman or central authority. This way, it facilitates several benefits like security, transparency, disintermediation, and near real-time execution. They are responsible for ensuring the transactions' credibility and fostering trust between the parties.

The cost of a smart contract audit is variable depending on the complexity of the code, the programming language in which its smart contracts are written, the lines of code and the timeline you give us. Request a quote from us, and we will gladly help you secure your application.

ImmuneBytes is a trusted blockchain security company hosting a team of experienced auditors who have been a part of the smart contract audit crypto community for many years. Our clientele is huge and consists of several big names in teh field, like, GoodDollar, MAHADAO, Polytrade, retreeb, and more.

Though several tools have different features for building smart contracts, our auditors use the best tools. These include:
  • Slither
  • Securify
  • SmartCheck
  • Mythril
  • Manticore

For a more detailed description of each of the tools, you can read our blog: here

Yes, our professional auditors at ImmuneBytes have provided top-notch smart contract security audits for TRON. Do you wish to know more about our audit process for TRON? Here is a detailed discussion of how our auditors work on TRON smart contracts.

Yes, ImmuneBytes has a team of qualified and experienced smart contract auditors. We have successfully audited more than 205+ smart contracts, working with over 175+ clients having diversified security needs, making our auditors well equipped to handle unforeseen vulnerabilities.

Anyone dealing with a smart contract or looking for launching a project, including a Defi, DApp, game, stablecoin, tokens, NFTs, or more on a blockchain platform, must seek a third-party security auditing solution to prevent their projects from an economic exploit.