zkSync Era Smart Contract Audit

Even the trustless protocol of zkSync-era requires trustable smart contract auditing solutions. Hire expert Web3 auditors at ImmuneBytes.

zksync smart contract audit services

What are zkSync Era Smart Contracts?

zkSync is an L2 solution for transferring Ether and ERC20 tokens. The L2 protocol positions itself as a scaling and privacy engine for Ethereum. The project is built on zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup architecture for "unlimited" Ethereum scaling. ZkSync Era was launched in October 2022, bringing significant improvements to zkSync 1.0, including EVM compatibility and smart contract support. zkSync Era was also developed to accept and compile code written in Rust, Yul, Vyper, and of course, Solidity, the main programming language on Ethereum.

A smart contract audit focuses on analyzing the source code to verify if it follows the pre-determined conditions and behaves as intended by the developer. An audit secures the code by resolving any bugs or errors that could expose the users or have the potential for future vulnerabilities.

Why Is It Important?

Smart contract security and integrity are based on the standard of the code deployed on the zkSync Era blockchain. Vulnerabilities and flaws attributed to these codes can cause severe damage to a project in case of a cyber-attack. This makes it imperative to add a layer of protection to your smart contracts through a third-party audit to make your project a hackproof target for malicious attackers.


No More Loss of Funds

Vulnerabilities in zkSync smart contracts can result in massive losses of funds, both yours and your clients. With ImmuneBytes audits, you can rest assured that your assets are safe on the blockchain.


Code Optimization

Gas plays an important role in zkSync smart contracts. It becomes crucial to optimize the usage of gas in your source code. We not only reveal bugs but also offer recommendations for improving gas usage.


Build Trust

The stamp of an audit on your smart contracts attracts potential investors and clients. Smart contracts audited by ImmuneBytes have a lesser chance of getting exploited.

In 2022, Ronin Network Lost $625 Million in an Exploit and Still Survived.
Can You Handle Anything Remotely Close to This?

Make My Project Safe

Why Should You Undergo A zkSync Era Smart Contract Audit?

zkSync Era is still nascent; however, with the quick-paced development of projects, it is becoming a popular name in the Web3 space. The protocol is architected to offer the same level of security as Ethereum. With its increasing popularity, it is also attracting the attention of malicious entities in the community. Hence, if you are starting on zkSync Era, it is paramount that you think of a security-first approach. ImmuneBytes auditors have researched zkSync and are well-equipped to provide you with the needed security measures for building on Era. Smart contracts on zkSync Era are EVM-compatible, implying they are prone to Solidity's attack vectors. Getting an audit ensures that you rid your contract of all such issues!


Lost in Crypto Hacks So Far


Lost in 2022 Alone


Hacks Targeted Defi Protocols

3x Damage

Lost funds + Lost trust + Lost market value

What Do We Offer?

Our blockchain experts extensively audit your smart contract code, find potential bugs and attack verticals. Don't risk getting hacker! Get an audit by ImmuneBytes' experts.

Extensive Audit Report

Our audit reports are comprehensive and document every measure taken during the audit process. We classify the vulnerabilities according to their severity levels and offer remediations and code optimizations.

Check For 100+ Vulnerabilities

We analyze a smart contract for over a hundred vulnerabilities. These include bugs that have been exploited and others that could be exploited in the future.

Smart Contract Fuzzing

We fuzz-test your smart contracts as an additional measure. Fuzzing a smart contract ensures that it will not behave unexpectedly against any given input, minimizing the risk of hacks.

Post Refactor Reaudits

Not just once, we audit your code twice! Once your developers review our audit report and make the recommended fixes, we again analyze your contract and prepare the final audit report.

Security Test Cases

Our auditors use frameworks like Foundry, HardHat and Truffle to write unit test cases other than the developers provided. We ensure to traverse every possible branch of execution in the source code.

Quick Turnaround Time

A dedicated team of auditors is assigned to your project, who usually take 3-10 days to complete an audit, depending on the code size. We are result-oriented and understand the gravity of deadlines.

In 2022, Smart Contracts Vulnerabilities Were Alone Responsible
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Audit My Smart Contract

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The world of zkSync is enormous. And so are the questions associated with them. Here, we list the top 7 most frequently asked questions on zkSync Era Smart Contracts.

While zkSync had its programming language, Zinc, zkSync 2.0 was also developed to accept and compile code written in Rust, Yul, Vyper, and Solidity, the main programming language on Ethereum.

Some of the best practices for zkSync Era smart contract development are ensuring careful rollouts, minimizing the contracts' complexity, staying up to date with new releases and bug fixes, modularity in smart contracts and developing rigid and upgradeable contracts.

The main advantage of using zkSync Era smart contracts is cheaper transactions without sacrificing security or user control. It offers its users low gas, high speeds, security of the Ethereum blockchain, frictionless transfers and censorship resistance.

The L2 protocol positions itself as a scaling and privacy engine for Ethereum. zkSync is a layer 2 solution for transferring Ether and ERC20 tokens, offering cheap and faster transactions on Ethereum. The project is built on zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup architecture for "unlimited" Ethereum scaling.

zkSync Era is a gigantic leap forward in Layer 2 technologies. The benefits offered are:
  • EVM compatibility
  • Ethos compatibility
  • Certainty
  • Future Proof

The time taken to complete an audit usually takes 5-15 days to process the initial audit report, depending upon the nature of the project, the technology stack used, the size of your codebase, the complexity of the code, how tightly the code is integrated, the availability of auditors, etc. However, despite these factors, we take pride in meeting deadlines given by our clients and delivering satisfactory results.

The cost of an audit is variable depending on the complexity of the code, the programming language in which the smart contract is written and the lines of code.