Web3Security Consulting

Consult ImmuneBytes to review your Web3 security and advice you on designing, developing, and implementing unbreachable security policies.

web3 security consulting services

Why Is Web3 Security Consulting Important?

Blockchain is a fairly new technology and can be tricky sometimes. Often developers and business leaders don’t have the appropriate technical knowledge to implement a foolproof solution. If you’re just starting in the field of decentralisation, it is important to consult a third party proficient with the Web3 world. Security consultation offers advice and equips you with the needed resources to build and be more confident in your product.

Our security consultants have spent years researching blockchain technology and how to employ it to our advantage. Once you choose us as your security partners, we will gather the required information about your project, analyse the use cases and scope, asses the security parameters and develop an improvised solution that will only enhance your project's performance!

What Do We Offer?

The request for security consultancy came from our clients, so we know how important and needed it is. There is a lack of appropriate resources to make the correct judgement when building any blockchain solution. We have security engineers on board who have practical as well as research experience in blockchain and Web3 space. Here’s what we offer:


Blockchain Risk Analysis

Having worked with various blockchain frameworks, we are well aware of their weaknesses and associated risks. Choosing the right blockchain is the most important aspect of developing a Web3 project. We help you assess the risks and benefits of working with your preferred blockchain so that you can make an informed decision.


Secure Base Architecture

Deciding and implementing a secure architecture from the initial step of building a solution plays a substantial role in its success. We review your architecture and help you with different approaches in choosing the right data storage, cloud service provider, security measures on the model's different layers, and more!


Better Recovery Mechanisms

Implementing and being prepared for any negative incident is as vital as building a secure application. With our consulting, we offer suggestions to come up with an improved recovery strategy. This can be done by various third-party tools that trace the movement of funds and help you recover them!