Blockchain Tools

A suite of potent and useful blockchain tools to help you in auditing and securing Web3 projects along with monitoring your crypto assets.

blockchain tools

Our Tools

The leaders in security research at ImmuneBytes have built innovative solutions to provide added layers of security for DeFi systems. Our suite of products will empower developers and enterprises to build and contribute towards Web3 security.



A tool that gives push notifications when a transaction occurs on a watchlisted wallet or address. It offers custom thresholds, user whitelisting, NFT checker, price alert and assets overview.

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A crowdsourced security platform for Web3 to build trust and mitigate risk by bringing together projects and the ethical hacking community. We offer enticing rewards and access to global talent.

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A static analyser designed to uncover vulnerabilities in EVM-compatible smart contracts. With the detection of 85+ Solidity bugs, it assists in developing and deploying smart contracts.

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