Digital AssetSecurity

Minimize your crypto hack losses using ImmuneBytes’s digital asset tracking and forensics services.

 digital asset security services

Our Digital Assets Security Services

Just how important a security audit is before we move forward with the deployment of our system; having an added layer of security in terms of recovery is also crucial! Hackers have a way of sneaking into systems despite the strongest security measures. Thus, having an asset-tracking system boosts investors’ and users’ confidence and fosters trust!

Digital Asset Tracking

A tool to allow investigation of transactions and follow the money analysis. This tool is backed by our proprietary risk engine, multi-chain support, interoperability analysis and can integrate additional datasets.

AML/CFT Compliance Certification

A real-time transaction layer and network analysis to manage the risk of fraud, AML and CFT. Targeted at B2B Ideal for organisations rolling out digital asset or blockchain technology and must evidence compliance with AML/CFT legislation.

Mobile Number Forensics

A security-first approach using mobile numbers' inbuilt escrow service allows you to assess the risk of a transaction using mobile numbers. There is also Widget/API integration. This tool bridges the gap between mobile banking-digital assets whilst providing security layers.

Technologies We Employ

The technical strategies required for Digital Asset Security differ from a smart contract audit methodology. We employ state-of-art ML and Deep-Learning algorithms to detect anomalies in data movement. The three crucial technologies used in digital asset security are defined below!

Pattern Recognition

Our pattern Recognition Engine employs network analysis algorithms to automatically detect patterns and irregularities in users' transaction data. It senses patterns such as: predicting fraud risk wallets with machine learning, recommending suspicious accounts with centrality, node similarity, and exploring connected fraud data.

AML/CFT Data Warehouse

Our partners have gathered this data from various sources to create an Intelligence Data Warehouse (IDW) that is unmatched! IDW is a critical component of our intelligence ecosystem since it allows for extensive high-level profiling, transaction segmentation, data scraping, and address tagging.

Anti-Mixer Address Linkability ML Model

Tornado Cash is an open-source, non-custodial, decentralized cryptocurrency tumbler on EVM-compatible chains. It allows users to mix potentially ‘tainted’ funds with others to hide the flow of funds and make the original source non-traceable, making the protocol a good option for money laundering. Our Machine Learning model identifies the usage of such mixers with unbeatable accuracy.