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A blockchain security audit firm with the goal of making the Web3 space more secure to build through innovative and effective solutions.


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Happy Clients


Project Audited


Happy Clients


Onchain Value Secured


Happy Clients
about us

Who we are?

ImmuneBytes was founded in the year 2020 with the aim of stopping malicious entities from draining any more funds. We stimulate blockchain security with our suite of smart contract audit services that make your Web3 project an uncompromising entity on the blockchain. Our team has practical experience undertaking security consulting, penetration tests, and smart contract audits.

We are striving to build a product suite composed of AlertBytes, BugBytes and ImmuneLite to help developers and community members to design more foolproof solutions for Web3.

Our Vision

Our vision is to eradicate any scope of loss of funds from the decentralized space and garner the confidence and trust of people towards this revolutionary technology. We see and believe in the potential of blockchain and are working for its mainstream adoption more securely. Web3 is about being transparent in your development strategies and building trust with your community. And we help you with that!

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Meet our Esteemed Partners

We have evolved as one of the prominent names in blockchain auditing services. These are some of the eminent partnerships that we have formed so far.



A cyber security startup with an extensive product suite to focus on digital asset forensics, fraud prevention techniques and secured payment services.


MEXC global

One of the first movers and pioneers of DeFi and blockchain, MEXC Global aims to become the go-to platform for traders and investors with their products - Futures, Spot and Leveraged ETFs.



One of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms with an added ease of use, 800+ trading pairs, hot and cold wallet systems and an advanced risk management system.


Pando Infinity

Web3 software development company dedicated to providing the best blockchain solutions to existing and emerging businesses, startups and industries with a use case of blockchain technology.



Professional videogame developers with an experience of over a decade in traditional and blockchain gaming. They provide a unique process of in-depth incubation program for gamefi projects.

Our Leadership Team

We are a closely-knitted team of Web3 nerds based in India, constantly looking for ways to improve the overall security model of decentralized finance and blockchain. Our team comprises security experts with significant experience developing and auditing DeFi protocols, smart contracts, and NFTs.

Aabhas Sood

Founder & CEO

Zaryab Afser

Lead Auditor

Naveen Rawat

Marketing Lead

Anurag Trivedi

Growth Manager

Sheetal Sinha

Business Development

Suman Kar


Shubhi Saran

Security Engineer

Danish Arman

Security Engineer

Shreyans Murkute

ML Engineer

Vasim Raja

ML Engineer

Sukhleen Kaur

Graphic Designer

Priyanka Kirar

Graphic Designer

Our Culture

As ImmuneBytes professionals, we act in alignment with its values and principles. We are committed to improving the quality of the Web3 security paradigm. It is inherent in our culture to operate with integrity, toil to make a difference, work with unity, and reimagine the possible.