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Role of Bots in NFT Market Manipulation

by ImmuneBytes
Role of Bots in NFT Market Manipulation


The digital realm of NFTs, while promising, is not without its vulnerabilities. Bots, which have long plagued online auctions, have now found a new playground in the NFT marketplaces, manipulating prices and skewing the dynamics of auctions.

The Age of Bots in Auctions

NFTs, often auctioned on platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, and even by traditional houses like Sotheby’s and Christies, are not immune to the tactics of bots. While sniper bots aim to clinch the winning bid in the dying moments of an auction, spinner bots play a more sinister game.

The Spinner Bot Strategy

Spinner bots, akin to their counterparts in the retail world, add items to their carts, not with the intention to buy but to render them unavailable to genuine buyers. This tactic, known as “denial of inventory,” forces potential buyers to the secondary market, where the bot operators can sell at inflated prices.

Financial Spoofing: A Closer Look

Financial spoofing, an age-old tactic, involves creating an illusion of demand by placing orders without the intention of completion. In regulated markets, this is illegal. However, the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, where NFTs and cryptocurrencies operate, offers a fertile ground for such exploits.

The Mechanics of NFT Market Manipulation

NFTs, unique digital assets, derive their value from perceived demand. Bots exploit this by employing tactics reminiscent of retail scalper bots. Bid spoofing bots, for instance, place numerous bids across the marketplace, often below the asking price. Upon acceptance, these bids are canceled, driving down the NFT’s value. The bot operator then capitalizes on this by placing a bid lower than the original asking price.

The Challenge of Bot Detection

Detecting and mitigating bot activities is a daunting task. Advanced bots employ techniques like human emulation and rotating IP addresses to evade detection. They’ve evolved, borrowing strategies from other sectors, making their activities more intricate and harder to pinpoint.

The Way Forward: Advanced Bot Management

While bots are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so are the countermeasures. Solutions like Bot Management employ machine learning and AI to track and categorize bot traffic in real time, focusing on their behavior rather than just their origin.


The NFT marketplace, though burgeoning with opportunities, is also rife with challenges. As bots continue to evolve, it’s imperative for platforms and stakeholders to stay one step ahead, ensuring a fair and transparent ecosystem for all participants.

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