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2020 – Year In Review

by ImmuneBytes

2020 has certainly been a year to remember for all of us in different ways. For ImmuneBytes, it was the year our journey began, one that proved to be quite promising.

August 2020 was the beginning of our path towards extending a helping hand in facilitating the DeFi movement. As we reflect upon the past year, we are awestruck by the wonderful clients we worked with and the ImmuneBytes team that we fabricated in such a short span of time. We completed security audits for some of the leading blockchain companies and provided innovative security solutions to others.

Lets take a look at some of our pivotal moments of 2020.


As its said, Grow through what you go through, so, after months of toiling hard we were finally able to strike off a few achievements:

  • A proud moment for our team was when we featured as auditors on Etherscan.
  • Another watershed moment came our way when Gitcoin added us to their Smart Contract Security list.

Incredible Clientele

SwissBorg, is a trusted and accessible wealth management ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. We developed and audited their smart contract on Sept 1, 2020. This was our very first smart contract audit, one of many to come.

Sept 19, ImmuneBytes team finished an audit for LeadWallet, a new cryptocurrency wallet application with its feature-packed wallet app. With a mission to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, LeadWallet realizes that the biggest aspect where cryptocurrency adoption lacks is the absence of user-friendly and beautifully-designed applications.

Non-Fungible Yearn is a DeFi platform whose goal is to utilize the full potential of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the DeFi sector. We audited their smart contract in Nov 2020.

Nov 11, ImmuneBytes completed another audit. BlockX Finance who is a provider of blockchain solutions and insights for secondary market trading of unlisted shares.

Ethereum STKY is  an Intelligent smart contract, the objective of the smart contract is to own a portion of the smart contract and to stake the % you hold in the contract. ImmuneBytes finished their smart contract audit on 28th Dec.

Xtransfer Network is one of a kind Payment and fund transfer system that permits advanced resources for collaboration with the actual world. ImmuneBytes successfully did their security audit.

These were some of the notable clients we worked with this year along with auditing a few other security and staking smart contracts.

What do our clients have to say about us?

We would love to share some of the many kind words said by our clients:

The ImmuneBytes team was very hardworking and co-operative. They delivered the project successfully before the deadline.


We hired ImmuneBytes for conducting the smart contract audit for our ERC20 token and staking contract. The audit report was extensive in terms of technical understanding and helped us fix the issues found and optimizing the codebase. It was an overall great experience.


Beginning of All About Smart Contract Bugs & Security – A cakewalk series

We also launched our very own blog series wherein we discuss blockchain smart contracts most common vulnerabilities that have proved to be lethal and have caused some of the major hacks and thefts in the past years.

So far we have talked about 10 such bugs, namely Race Conditions, Re-entrancy, Stack Size Limit and others. If you havent checked our series yet, make sure to check it out here.

Looking forward

We are thankful to have the opportunity to work on such meaningful projects with such gracious clients. Undoubtedly, there are considerable improvements that need to be made on our side and it surely is an essential part of moving forward.

We look forward to what 2021 holds for us in-store and hope you will continue to back us up with your support in this journey, as we consistently tackle new challenges and exciting milestones in the coming year.

Heres wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

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