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The Year In Review: 2021

by ImmuneBytes
The Year In Review: 2021

2021! The year has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. Last year, we wrapped up 2020 adapting to the new ?normal? and as 2021 ends, we?re still grappling with it. 

At ImmuneBytes, we began 2021 with our mission to secure DeFi and facilitate the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology through our security services. Since our inception, we have secured over 2.2 billion USD worth of digital assets and had over 135 engagements with DeFi projects, foundations, enterprises, and more.

In 2021, we experienced growth and gratitude. This blog will focus on our achievements, security services, and ways we?ve had the opportunity to impact the blockchain community. 

Securing Top DeFi Projects

In 2021, the total value locked in DeFi projects rose from around $14 billion to an all-time high of $253.94 billion on November 3. And with that, it is also to be reported that DeFi hacks also plagued the ecosystem this year. Over $10 billion was stolen due to hacks and thefts across numerous protocols. 

2021 presented us with the opportunity to work with some of the known names in the community and it?s been nothing but thrilling! Our clientele circle now encompasses over 95 blockchains and DeFi projects, enterprises, and more!

Here?s mentioning some of our biggest projects for 2021.

immunebytes audited projects


TrueFi is a DeFi protocol for uncollateralized lending, powered by the first-ever crypto-native credit scores and governed by holders of the TRU token. The Total Value Locked in TrueFi stands to be $894.9 million.

ImmuneBytes performed an audit for the SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) and LP (Lending Pool) Staking Gauge (MultiFarm) smart contracts for TrueFi v3, which is a series of upgrades to the original TrueFi specification.

Boson Protocol

ImmuneBytes got the chance to perform an audit for Boson Protocol which, beginning with metaverse commerce, is a decentralized network on which future commerce will run. The protocol enables its users to sell physical products in the metaverse. The current market cap of Boson Protocol taps at $100.99 million.


One of the A-League projects we had the opportunity to perform an audit for was MahaDAO?s ARTH2.0. $ARTH is the world?s first non-depreciating currency! Next-gen money that retains its buying power irrespective of which direction the market moves in. The Total Value Locked in $ARTH, at the time of writing, stands at $870,231.13.


ImmuneBytes audited the ERN contract for Ethernity. Ethernity is a digital platform that produces authenticated limited-edition NFTs and trading cards created by your favorite artists and endorsed by notable figures. The current market cap of Ethernity is over $115 million.


We also partnered with Niftify and conducted an audit for them, securing their platform and facilitating them further on their path to becoming a market leader with a strong community of NFT enthusiasts, collectors, traders, and enterprises. Niftify is an all-inclusive platform that takes NFTs out of their infancy and brings out their true potential to the world. 


This year, we also audited the smart contracts for Retreeb, a new decentralized way to pay! It is a simple, practical, and economical platform that conditions its users to a better distribution of value without any additional fees. The market capitalization for TREEB currently stands at over $28 million.


Polytrade brings safe and insurance-backed real-world assets to the crypto world. ImmuneBytes had the opportunity to work with them and contribute to their mission of providing real-world borrowers, access to low-interest and swift financing. Polytrade?s current market cap is over $6 million.

The above-mentioned are some of the A-league projects we audited. And just like in 2020, we made it a point to expand our horizon and work with projects and enterprises that deal with the different sectors of decentralized finance such as NFTs, Lending protocols, tokens, and more.

Hear it from Our Clients

Here are a few of the many kind words from our clients:

Ebrahiem Mohamed founder of Ethereum STYK
Ebrahiem Mohamed, Founder, Ethereum STYK
DR. Garbriel Allred Founder Bitlectro Labs
Dr. Gabriel Allred, Founder, Bitlectro Labs

We?re forever grateful to all our clients for being the most amazing people to work with and look forward to exploring any future opportunities with them!

ImmuneBytes at the WBS 2021

Aabhas Sood Immunebyes founder attending WBS 2021

One of the most surreal experiences that we had this year was attending the 19th World Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai, UAE. 

The Summit brought together some of the world’s leading crypto influencers, policymakers, key government delegates, media, and other curated investors among others to foster the crypto and blockchain community across the globe and we were more than delighted to be a part of it!

The WBS 2021 came at the right time and gave us the much-needed exposure to span out and grow our network of clientele/partners. The ImmuneBytes team was humbled to meet some of the industrial leaders and influencers and even had the chance to talk about our future ventures, on which they intend to keep an eye.

We had the best time at the Summit and count it as one of our biggest achievements to date. We look forward to many more such experiences in the coming years!

Beginning of our Bug Bounty Platform

The ImmuneBytes Bug Bounty has been in conversation for the whole of 2021 and we?re glad to announce that it has now reached its final stages!

The Bug Bounty platform is all set and ready to be launched in 2022. Currently, we?re giving it a final brush testing to ensure the platform is smooth and easy to use for our users. With this Bug Bounty platform, we aim to bring together the community?s projects and enterprises, and the hackers and security professionals to provide DeFi an extra layer of security!

The Journey Continues

We started ImmuneBytes with our main focus on auditing smart contracts. Now, our security offerings include auditing NFT projects, auditing token contracts, auditing complex DeFi projects, penetration testing, and more.

We are spanning out our company with the launch of ImmuneBytes Bug Bounty next year and the talks for an insurance offering product have already been in the pipeline for a while. We look forward to working with bigger and better projects in 2022 and hope to offer our users the same level of satisfaction with our future ventures as well.

Our quality of work has allowed us to earn the trust of our customers and the community. We are truly honored and with that, we bid goodbye to 2021 with the promise of consistently doing better and striving forward!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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