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Introduction to Supernova: An Explosive Vision of the Secret Network

by ImmuneBytes
Introduction to Supernova: An Explosive Vision of the Secret Network

In today’s blog, we have another new blockchain protocol to discuss, Supernova! 

Supernova is a crypto project that will allow users to collect regular and limited-edition Star NFT cards featuring the Super Stars (movie stars, basketball stars, pop stars, meme stars, etc) in collaboration with various artists. 

Let’s discuss this in-depth about Supernova!

What is Supernova?

Introduction to Supernova: An Explosive Vision of the Secret Network

In September 2020, Secret became the first network to have privacy-preserving smart contracts launched on the mainnet, paving the way for the incredible growth of their ecosystem to date. This introduced programmable privacy: a massive evolution for decentralized applications that finally gives users and developers control of how data is used and shared, instead of making everything public by default.

Now the Secret Network is taking another explosive step forward with Supernova ? a major network upgrade that establishes Secret as the cross-chain privacy-first platform for Web3, enabling hundreds of new unique use cases for DeFi, NFTs, and beyond. 

Supernova introduces IBC integration, which allows Secret Network to connect with blockchains across the Cosmos ecosystem. IBC allows SCRT to be used in cross-chain Cosmos applications (such as Osmosis & Gravity DEX) and provides its privacy features to the entire Cosmos ecosystem. 

This upgrade further cements Secret’s position as the data privacy hub for the decentralized web and unlocks the next phases of growth and adoption.

What Does Supernova Bring to the Table?


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Beyond IBC, Supernova will also introduce several major network improvements, such as: 

  • Additional modules that will greatly simplify network upgrades and workflows for companies that want to integrate Secret Network seamlessly in consumer-oriented applications. 
  • Support for interchain accounts and bring new CosmWasm improvements to our runtime. 
  • A number of exciting testnet milestones will enable node operators and developers to get hands-on with the newest version of Secret Network. 

The Supernova upgrade is expected to finally be ready for mainnet deployment on November 9th!

More on IBC Integration

The modular design of the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol means that IBC app developers do not require in-depth knowledge of the low-level details of clients, connections, and proof verification. This brief explanation of the lower levels of the stack is provided so that app developers can gain a high-level understanding of the IBC protocol.

IBC clients are light clients that are identified by a unique client id. IBC clients track the consensus states of other blockchains and the proof specs of those blockchains that are required to properly verify proofs against the client’s consensus state.

You can read more about IBC Integration here!  

Why does Supernova need its own blockchain?

Supernova is a Cosmos Zone, built using the Cosmos SDK, that is dedicated to performing lock drops for BTC, ETH, and ATOM holders, and eventually other tokenholders. As IBC is built, Supernova will also be bridged to other zones and chains.

In order to serve as a single focal point for lockdrop activity, it requires a blockchain of its own. Think of Supernova as a well that the villagers go to to obtain water, except in this case, the water is a metaphor for new digital currencies.

Final Thoughts

Privacy is essential to the security and growth of Web3 beyond its early stages of adoption. And with the launch of Supernova, users are going to have the ability to choose which data is public and which data is private, to whom, and under which circumstances, even in a permissionless environment. 

Supernova aims to bring interoperability to Secret and cement its name as the privacy platform for Web3.

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