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The Importance of Penetration Testing for Your Corporate Cybersecurity

by ImmuneBytes
The Importance of Penetration Testing for Your Corporate Cybersecurity

As correctly said, “prevention is better than cure.” This holds true for every corporate cybersecurity as well. 

With the advancement in technology comes innovative ways for hackers to orchestrate malicious cybersecurity attacks, hacks, and breaches to drain out the funds completely from the accounts of the users. 

The need of the hour, therefore, is to stay one step ahead of the attackers. And, how to do it? Taking preventive measures like penetration testing is the key. 

In this blog, we will talk about a few reasons why pentesting is important for businesses. So, let us begin. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Corporate Cybersecurity Requires Web Penetration Testing

Everyone is quite curious to know how performing a pentest can be fruitful for their organizations. We’re sure, even you find yourselves in the same league. 

So, below we will be discussing a few potential reasons that would make you want to take the help of a web pentester. 

Get Geared Up for the Unknown and Unforeseen.

Despite having the best security arrangements, big names like Adobe, Facebook, Microsoft, Exactis, and Marriot International have come across breaches and hacks. This means that even major players are vulnerable to security flaws and zero-day exploits!

As a result, it is critical that all businesses, large, medium, and small, engage in pen-testing to uncover undiscovered and unexpected threats and dangers so that they can better prepare. 

First Mover Privilege

Even if the vulnerability is critical, it takes about 100 days to get patched post-detection. Therefore, it becomes vital for businesses to get the first mover privilege that can only be achieved with pentesting. With this, you can trace, patch, and fix every security flaw way before the cyber hackers find them. 

Cutting Down the Expenses

What do you think, when a security breach occurs, does the company just need to pay for costs like remediation and escalation costs? Well, these are just the beginning. 

Later, these costs are followed by downtime losses, losing customers, poor network performance and loyalty, hampering the brand image and company reputation. These things impact the company in the long term. 

By performing web pentesting, companies can detect and check their applications to find limitations and save a lot to ensure business sustainability. 

Make your Cybersecurity Strategies Stronger.

Penetration testing shows the strengths, vulnerabilities, and status/performance of your security mechanisms and infrastructure by simulating/recreating a real-world attack environment. 

When an experienced tester performs the pentesting for your company, you will gain an outsider’s perspective that will enhance the work. With these insights, businesses can quickly improve their security plans and strategies. Also, they can create better risk mitigation plans and understand the loopholes. 

Compliance with the Regulations

With the increasing number of rules governing consumer data and data security, pen testing will help organizations comply. GDPR guidelines, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and so forth.

Is Pentesting Imperative Even When an Organization Has a Robust Security Infrastructure? 

Yes, it is necessary. We all know that web application security is more than a one-time thing for every organization. Therefore, we must respect it and take consistent and proactive steps to maintain cybersecurity. Even if you have high-end security and infrastructure, there would be some or other loopholes in it. Therefore, automating the processes and performing website penetration testing is what can rescue you and your business. 

Pen-testing must thus be performed by trained security specialists who will be able to effectively use the security testing tools while using automation and other technology to assist organizations in continually detecting, protecting, and testing their web application security and performance.

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Pros of Website Penetration Testing

Why you should go for web pentesting for your business? There are several benefits waiting in store for you. 

Engineers for web app penetration testing and ethical hackers use time-tested attack tactics and the most frequent flaws to assess the security of your system. The parts that follow will go into further depth regarding the unique benefits of web app penetration testing.

Identify Cybersecurity Loopholes

There can be a number of security faults ranging from outdated software to ineffective admin passwords. These factors will help malicious actors to do whatever they wish to do. When you get to see these flaws, you will also be able to mend them. During a penetration test, technical hazards such as unpatched software and unsecured access rights will be found. 

Validate Cybersecurity Policies

Cybersecurity rules and controls are excellent tools for documenting and maintaining a security culture, but they must function correctly to be effective. To keep the backend running properly, websites must include safe input validation procedures. Web app developers can test the usefulness of these restrictions.

Check Digital Infrastructure

Whether your website is an older one or a newly developed website, there might be some or other vulnerabilities in it. So, if you haven’t evaluated the website for a long time now, then maybe it’s the perfect time to check the digital infrastructure with website pentesting. 

The Bottom Line

In today’s current scenario where everything is about cybersecurity, the best way to focus on the core business activities is to maintain and keep checking them. Website pentesting is an effective way that helps in understanding the cybersecurity needs of your business. And, when done properly by experienced cybersecurity professionals, it can bring useful insights about the loopholes that you can work on to mitigate and remediate them. 

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