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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose ImmuneBytes Audit Services

by ImmuneBytes
5 Reasons Why You Should Choose ImmuneBytes Audit Services


ImmuneBytes is a respected and trusted company that provides Smart Contract Audits. With our experienced and highly professional team on board, we offer the best of services to make sure you don?t suffer. We have hands-on experience in conducting smart contract audits, penetration testing,  and security consulting. We follow a strict methodology in our auditing process, ensuring none of the vulnerabilities are left out.


If you are a Blockchain-based project, the most essential attribute for you is the security and integrity of your network. To ensure that and earn customers? confidence you need to get your Smart Contracts audited by a third party. And we are here to provide you just that. We have been able to secure 15+ blockchain projects by providing security services on different frameworks.

Here is why you should choose us:

We guarantee a different range of quality services that are reasonably priced and assure that the whole process is completely transparent and no hidden fees are charged. We have built our pricing model which will help you estimate the audit cost in just under 30 seconds. Check it out here.

Quick Turn-around Time

We aim to make sure you get your Smart Contract Audits delivered in the quickest time frame possible. Prioritizing timelines is something we make sure of, and yet no compromises are made on the quality of the audits offered.

Hassle-free Experience

We assure you of a straightforward experience with us as we tend to follow simple steps throughout the process.

  • Get the quotation online ( using our pricing model )
  • Request for an Audit
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Initial Audit
  • Code Fixes
  • Final Audit

Extensive Audit Reports

We provide comprehensive and detailed Audit Reports and mention the methodology, goals, complete analysis of security level references, reports of tests performed, and recommendations. We identify vulnerabilities and bugs, reduce code errors, and test your project for you. Check our Audit Report here.

In the day and age of programmable businesses, even a tiny error, any vulnerability that is overlooked, becomes a liability; some can even cost you millions. Here at ImmuneBytes, we aspire to deliver a top-of-the-line audit that will allow you to reach unmatched Smart Contract security.

Get your Smart Contract Audit Now!

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