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Fortify your blockchains with our impeccable audit services for unparalleled security in the decentralized realm.


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Project Audited


Happy Clients


Onchain Value Secured


Happy Clients

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Spending sleepless nights worrying about losing funds to hackers? Choose from our stack of services, and bid farewell to all your fears!

Smart Contract Audit

In-depth analysis of the code by industry veterans to detect the vulnerabilities in your smart contract.

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Blockchain Security Service

Our experts secure your blockchain applications by mitigating risks through security design, assessment, audit, and compliance services.

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Penetration Testing

Our independent team of prolific penetration testers performs an extensive exercise to detect vulnerabilities and system exploits.

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Web3 Security Consulting

We are the torch-bearers of making the Web3 space safer for everyone and do it by helping with a complete, systematic analysis to enhance the product's overall security.

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Digital Asset Security

Recovery of funds is as equally important as a security audit. Have the facility to track user funds with our transaction risk monitoring system and boost users' confidence.

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In 2022, Ronin Network Lost $625 Million in an Exploit and Still Survived.
Can You Handle Anything Remotely Close to This?

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We have evolved as one of the prominent names in blockchain auditing services. These are some of the eminent partnerships that we have formed so far.


A cyber security startup with an extensive product suite to focus on digital asset forensics, fraud prevention techniques and secured payment services.


MEXC global

One of the first movers and pioneers of DeFi and blockchain, MEXC Global aims to become the go-to platform for traders and investors with their products - Futures, Spot and Leveraged ETFs.


One of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms with an added ease of use, 800+ trading pairs, hot and cold wallet systems and an advanced risk management system.


Pando Infinity

Web3 software development company dedicated to providing the best blockchain solutions to existing and emerging businesses, startups and industries with a use case of blockchain technology.



Professional videogame developers with an experience of over a decade in traditional and blockchain gaming. They provide a unique process of in-depth incubation program for gamefi projects.

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We understand that this looks complicated! Worry not; here are some of the most common queries related to audits. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!

The integer division error is a common error that occurs in smart contracts. If you wish to bypass this error, use decimal math libraries, external services, fixed-point arithmetic, or multiplication instead of division. All of these approaches have their merits and demerits. To know more about them, read the blog: here

  • Install the required dependencies by running the required commands.
  • Sign up for Infura and create a project on a particular Ethereum network to get access to the endpoint.
  • Access Bytecode and ABI now
  • Add Metamask extension to google chrome from the Chrome web store.
  • Deploy the smart contract, and utilise the deploy method with bytecode as an input.

Want to get the complete guide to deploying smart contracts on Ethereum? Read more at: here

Overflow and underflow vulnerabilities can prove to be a significant problem for smart contracts, as hackers can easily exploit them to manipulate the execution of smart contracts. Want to know more about overflow and underflow vulnerabilities? Read the blog: here

With the growth of smart contracts, a wide range of tools has been created for smart contract development. As there are multiple tools that you would require, it is important to know the categories of essential tools. These are:
  • Smart contract programming languages
  • Development and testing framework
  • Libraries and oracles
  • Crypto wallets
  • Block explorer
  • Layer 1 Network
  • Monitoring and Maintenance Tools
  • Help and support tools
  • Front-end development tools
  • Security analysis tools
Do you wish to know some examples of the tools that fall under each category? Find out more: here

A lot of planning goes behind auditing a crypto exchange and wallet. These are the key considerations that our auditors keep in mind.
  • Compliance
  • Third-party services
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Data protection

Once deployed a smart contract on a blockchain, it cannot be stopped before execution. However, it is possible to disable the contract from performing actions. “Pausing” smart contracts on a protocol level isn’t possible. You only need to implement a logic “in code for pausing this. Want to know more about how to pause a smart contract? Read the blog: here

The steps taken before a smart contract audit should be cleaning up the codebase, gathering all the documentation, and then freezing the code. The developers must not make any changes after the code freeze.

The number of resources deployed largely depends on the size of your project, the number of smart contracts and the decided timeline. Usually, we prefer deploying two independent teams of auditors with 3-4 members each.